Certified American Made Shutter Components

Packaging & Shipping

Shipment Methods

ASC Group utilizes the most reliable carriers available to help ensure that your product reaches you in the shortest amount of transit time possible. We also accept third-party carrier arrangements, whereby you can contact your own freight provider to schedule the pick-up of orders when ready. Local customers can simply come by and pick up their orders during normal warehouse pick-up hours, or ASC can have the orders delivered on its trucks at the current prevailing rate. International customers also receive the fastest service possible due to ASC’s excellent freight broker services. Additionally, ASC’s relationships with organizations and non-profit entities that support the development of international business, ASC can provide superior service and delivery best suited to your needs.

Shutter Components Packaging

United States Customers

Special care is taken to ensure that each profile is properly milled, counted, and packed according to each order received. Profiles are shrink-wrapped in manageable weight bundles, packed on heavy-duty pallets, sealed with shrink wrap and corrugated, then securely banded with steel strapping to avoid damage during the handling and transportation process.

International Customers

ASC’s product will be shipped on a master pallet, pre-packaged and fully shrink wrapped to protect the parts during handling and transport, facilitating easy loading and unloading without damage. ASC’s goal is to get product to its customers in the most efficient and economical way possible.

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