Certified American Made Shutter Components


Introduction to ASC Group LLC

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ASC Group LLC was established by Bob and Nancy Gunsallus as a distributor of wood shutter components. The company’s goal always has been to provide quality components at competitive pricing.  Bob is a 31-year veteran of the window coverings industry, and was the first to offer pre-primed wood shutter components, through American Shutter Components LLC, 15 years ago! Significant changes in the industry over the years have provided opportunities for ASC to continue as an industry leader in the distribution of pre-primed wood shutter parts.

As ASC’s customer base has grown, so too has the demand for additional products. In addition to its wood line, ASC now distributes made-to-measure 2-inch faux wood blinds, 2-inch wood blinds, and cellular shades. ASC’s cellular shades line has gained significant popularity recently because the shades provide excellent, energy-efficient window covering choices while featuring the safety of cordless operation.

The pre-primed wood shutter profiles line continues as ASC’s core business. ASC has formed a joint venture with an American lumber mill; with over 300,000 square feet under roof, the mill has the capacity, as well as the commitment to quality that ASC needs for its customers. It is rewarding to represent American products, produced by American workers! The mill’s products come from managed-
timber sources participating in reforestation and sustained forestry processes. The arrangement with the mill allows ASC exclusive distribution of wood products throughout the U.S.A. and Europe. In addition to its many standard profiles for the American market, and numerous specialty parts being run for the
European market, ASC now has the capability to run virtually any wood profile, in a variety of species of American timber well-suited for interior wood shutters.

ASC’s primary program will be American finger-joined Poplar and clear Basswood. Other species available for ASC’s shutter program are Oak and Maple. ASC prefers finger-joined products for prime components because of the value-added advantage of longer, standardized lengths, and added straightness and stability. ASC also runs solids, for customers who prefer the solid, shorter length profiles. Additionally, ASC features clear and defect-free true North American Basswood. Pre-stained Basswood profiles also are available. This competitively priced line enables ASC’s customers to efficiently and cost-effectively offer a higher-margin stained product line with cut-assemble-install convenience!

ASC’s wood products are milled, defected, sanded, moulded, finger-joined, primed—or stained—
right at the mill, based on ASC’s customers’ needs. ASC uses only NHLA graded FAS and #1 common lumber, to provide its customers with the very best material available within the industry. All of ASC’s coatings and stains have U.S.A. MSD sheets documenting the products’ finish, in compliance with all U.S.A. regulations.

Quality is ASC’s number one priority, and its top objective is to maintain the trust of its customers.  ASC believes that the window coverings industry’s challenges will be opportunities for those who stay in the lead with American-made quality and service.

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